iSCSI Management API Reference Library


The iSCSI Management API (IMA) Reference Library project is a reference implementation of the IMA standard, developed by the SNIA IP Storage Technical Workgroup.

License / Contributor Agreement

This project is licensed under the SNIA Public License v1.1. Also, all developers must agree to the Developers Certificate of Origin, v1.1.


As of 11/2005, the IMA standard is still under development. The reference implementation in this project is tracking this development, but has yet to release any files.

Document Availability

There are currently two documents actively being developed relating to the API.  They are:

  1. The iSCSI Management API Requirements document

  2. The iSCSI Management API document

Unfortunately, neither of these documents is publicly available at this time.  This reason is that there is a SNIA policy that states that SNIA documents that are made public must go through a review process.  Because this review process is rather involved only final documents tend to go through this process.  Therefore, if you want or need access to the documents listed above or wish to participate in the process of defining the iSCSI Management API either you or your company must become members of the SNIA.  All SNIA members have access to these documents and may participate in the specification of the API.